Blessed Beyond Measure 🧚🏻‍♀️

5.30 am
I wake up
dusting away my sins
even the sky is asleep
and calmness greets me; fajr

1:30 pm
I finished my chores
find peace on a mat
angry heat is roaming the streets
contentment enters my house; zuhr

5:15 pm
I will have my tea soon
but success awaits
in 4 rakats
the sun is now tamed; asr

6:00 pm
The light is going
and birds have gone
to their warm little nests
i am praying for home; magrib

8:30 pm
The stars are bright
and they twinkle outside
the window of my room
i am standing in ruku ; isha

This is how
5 times a day
I am
authentically, avidly, absolutely

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